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Applesauce Cake Roll

This recipe is so easy and elegant. The heartwarming flavors of applesauce combine with vanilla ice cream to create an irresistible treat.

Tips & Advice

Coloring Icing

Color is as important to your cake as choosing the decorations and flavor of the cake. There are various techniques that can be used to give different effects to your icing.

Icing Color Chart

Using paste icing colors allows you to achieve a wide variety of icing colors. From apricot, burgundy, periwinkle or whatever you desire and you only need a toothpick full of color to tint a batch of icing.

Icing Comparison Chart

There are numerous types of icing that serve different purposes. This Icing Comparison Chart describes the differences between them including storage, best used for, consistency and other information.

Icing The Cake

Have you ever wanted to achieve a nice smooth finish with a leveled top on your cake? There are tips that the pros used to accomplish this. With a little practice and the right icing, it is easy to do.

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