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Berry Apple Rhubarb Pie

September is a wonderful month to enjoy this season's apples. This delicious pie is made with apples, fresh berries — strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries — and rhubarb.

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Cobblers, Crisps, Crumbles, Buckle...

There are many types of cobblers including the crisp. With fresh apples and other fruits in season, now is the perfect time to try these delicious, easy to prepare desserts.

Types of Apples

With so many varieties of apples available today, it is hard to recognize which apples are good for snacking, pies, applesauce, salads, desserts, baking and cooking. This article describes the uses of many varieties.

Back-to-School Basics

The start of a new school year means less time to think about dinner. The good news is, with just a little advance planning and these three easy tips, in no time you’ll be whipping up wholesome “A+” meals your family will love.

Get a Super Start to Back to School

It's that time of year again – back to school. Parents know the hustle of school schedules, afterschool activities and the dinner rush all too well, so getting started off on the right foot to set the tone for the rest of the year is important.

Blend Late Summer Produce to Make Sauces, Sips and Soups

Want to get the most out of late summer’s fresh fruits and vegetables? Look to your blender and spice rack to puree seasonal produce into refreshing sips, chilled soups and savory sauces.

7 Frozen Treats to Make it Through the End of Summer

As sweltering summer temperatures reach their final peak, it seems we're all pining for a little chill. From frozen pops on sticks and shaved ice to ice cream sandwiches and smoothies, try these frozen, tasty...

Back to School Breakfast Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year – back to school. But getting kids excited for the day is not exactly easy when faced with a school day morning.

Fresh Takes on Kids' Favorites

As the kids head back to school, there's no better time to make a fresh start in the kitchen, too. Substituting nutritious ingredients such as sorghum in your...

The Surprising Beauty Benefits of Mangos

If summertime brings visions of fresh fruity flavors to mind, remember that what you eat has an impact on the health and beauty of your skin. Choose your fruit wisely and enjoy the bonus benefits of skin-supporting nutrients and compounds.

Moms Choose Milk for Healthy Kids

During the busy back-to-school time, it’s easy for nutrition to take a back seat in the rush to get out the door in the morning and to all of the after-school activities on time. Something as simple as a glass of milk gives children essential nutrients they need to...

Boost Back To School Success with...

A daily breakfast leads to not only better overall nutrition, but better school performance as well. A simple breakfast at home or school can ensure that your child doesn't start the day hungry. It also ensures that your child has the nutrients and energy he or she needs during the morning to concentrate on learning.

Eating Healthfully: Easier Than You Think

Did you know that according to the NPD Group National Eating Trends database, the average American achieves the recommended dietary guidelines for Americans just seven out of 365 days? Despite what most people think, preparing delicious, well-balanced meals is attainable and doesn't have...

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