Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Cake

Layers of ice cream and sorbet give this crazy-easy "cake" undeniable coolness. The perfect make-ahead dessert for your Fourth of July celebration!


12 servings


1 pint raspberry sorbet
1 pint vanilla ice cream
1 pint blueberry ice cream
whipped cream, berries, sparkler candles, if desired


Spray 8-inch round cake pan (or springform pan) with cooking spray; line with a parchment paper circle on bottom and parchment paper strips around side.

Soften raspberry sorbet at room temperature about 10 minutes or until just spreadable. Spread evenly in bottom of pan; place in freezer for about 1 hour or until firm.

Repeat this step with vanilla ice cream - the idea is that the white is in the center of the red and blue - freeze again until firm, and finish with the final layer of blueberry ice cream; freeze the whole cake for several hours - at least 4 - until very firm.

Once the entire cake is firm, gently lower the bottom of the pan into a bowl of warm water to loosen the parchment paper and lightly melt the edges of the ice cream cake. Place a cake plate over the top of the pan. Gently turn the cake pan and plate upside down, and shake gently to loosen. It should plop onto the cake plate. OR, if you use a springform pan, gently release the form (after dipping in warm water to loosen), and place the cake onto a cake plate, while leaving the springform base in place for easier transfer. Either serve immediately, or refreeze the whole cake until ready to serve. Decorate with whipped cream, berries and sparkler candles.

Estimated Time

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 6 hours

Additional Information

You can use any red, white and blue (or purple) ice cream and sorbet combination to make this cake. Strawberry, coconut and blackberry flavors would be a great twist on this cake and still have a similar festive stripe.

A cake pan is used for this, but a springform pan would make this even easier! The cooking spray may seem pointless and it won't really keep things nonstick, but it will keep the parchment in place as you spread the ice cream.

The cake will be prettiest if you refreeze it after turning it out of the pan. The slices will also look nicest and slice easiest if you use a knife dipped in hot water between each slice.

Nutritional Information

Amount per serving: unavailable

Recipe Courtesy Of

Cindy Ensley

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