Vinegar and Egg Crust

This prize winning crust recipe is very flaky when baked, which makes it a bit difficult to roll and handle, but well worth the effort.


1 9-inch double crust or 3 9-inch single crusts


3 cups sifted all-purpose flour
1 1/4 cups shortening
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 large egg
2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar
5 tablespoons ice water


In a large bowl, mix flour and salt. With a pastry blender, cut in the shortening until pea-sized.

Beat together egg, vinegar and water. Mix liquid with flour mixture, using a fork, until mixture forms a ball (Note: add liquid one tablespoon at a time. You probably will not use all of it.)

Roll out on lightly floured pastry cloth with cloth covered roller. Brush the crust with milk and sprinkle with sugar before baking.

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