Benefits of Canning and Preserving Food

Canning and preserving protects food from spoilage so that it can be used at a later time. Some preserving methods, such as drying, date back to ancient times. Other methods, such as canning, are more recent. There's no doubt that being able to serve fresh tasting, home canned or preserved foods to family and friends throughout the year is definitely of labor of love.

Whatever food preservation is chosen -- canning, freezing or drying -- these efforts produce:

  • A pantry full of fresh, high-quality homegrown foods. Having a pantry stocked with canned and preserved foods offer a cushion against the fluctuating cost of healthy foods. If you enjoy specialty foods from gourmet stores but dislike the high prices, home canning is a safe and economical way to preserve large or small quantities of high quality food.

  • Convenience. Canning and preserving provides a pantry full of convenience foods that fit into busy lifestyles that your family love.

  • Confidence in the ingredients that go into food preparation. If you like to control what ingredients go into your food preparation and want to know that they are fresh, canning and preserving your own food is the answer.

  • Protect your finances against inflation and rising food costs. One of the main advantages of canning and preserving foods is taking advantage of fresh food when it's abundant. When food is abundant -- at harvest -- generally it means lower cost.

  • Creates a sense of accomplishment and relaxation. Many people love working in the kitchen and handling food and get a sense of relaxation and love watching friends and family enjoy the products of their efforts which provides a great sense of accomplishment. Taking the time to select a recipe, choose and prepare the food, and package and preserve it for safety is fulfilling and a source of pride for the home canner. Nothing is more satisfying than looking at a pantry full of canning jars, or a freezer full of preserved food.

  • Having fun. Producing canned and preserved foods in the kitchen is fun and easy -- and who doesn't love having fun.

The price of food is skyrocketing and food safety has become a concern for everyone. Canning is the answer to both the price concerns and the desire to offer nutritious foods throughout the year. Home canning and preserving instantly reward your efforts when you follow the proper steps for handling and processing food.

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