Bread Machine Tips for Success

If you start by following these six golden rules for success, you are guaranteed to get the best use from your bread machine.

Read your bread machine manual.

Take a few minutes to learn what each feature does, how to properly install the bread pan and the kneading paddle, and the recommended ingredient order for your machine. Do the liquids go in first or on top? Follow your manufacturer's tips on which ingredients to measure into the machine first.

Choose the right recipe.

Know the capacity of your machine and which size loaf fits best in your bread pan. Check any variations ahead of time if you plan to use them.

Use only the freshest ingredients -- and use them at the proper temperature.

Warm a cup of milk from the refrigerator by microwaving it for just a few seconds. Rinse eggs under warm water to remove the chill. Cut up butter or margarine so it mixes well into the dough. Use the right yeast, yeast that is fresh, the right amount of yeast and yeast that is at room temperature.

Measure ingredients accurately.

It's not difficult, and proper measuring will pay wonderful dividends -- with consistently great results, no matter what you are baking. See Measuring Ingredients for more information.

Check the dough after all ingredients have mixed for a while.

After the bread machine has mixed the ingredients for a while and formed the dough, make sure the dough is slightly sticky, but not wet. You may need to add a teaspoon or two more liquid or flour to achieve this state.

Get organized before you begin.

Assemble all of your ingredients before you begin. Measure them into the machine in the order recommended by your machine's manufacturer. Better yet, store all of your bread-=making dry ingredients in canisters near your machine, so they will always be handy and you can keep track of anything that needs to be replenished.

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