Canning Fruits Without Sugar

Prepare fruit for canning as instructed in each individual recipe. Water or unsweetened fruit juice may be used in place of a sugar syrup. Use only the hot pack method when canning fruit without sugar. Figs require added lemon juice or citric acid and rhubarb requires sugar; therefore, use only recipes written for these fruits.

Non-sugar sweeteners may be used as a replacement for sugar. Follow manufacturer's instructions for measuring non-sugar sweetener. Non-sugar sweeteners may develop an off-flavor when heated in cooking or processing. They may also lose their sweetening properties over an extended storage period. For best results, add non-sugar sweetener just before serving canned fruit.

Unsweetened fruit juices, spices, herbs and citrus peel can be used to enhance the flavor of fruits canned without sugar. Try your own combination of spices or mild herbs to create a unique and flavorful taste.

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