Canning Lid and Band Preparation

These guidelines must be followed for preparing and using two-piece vacuum caps.

Selection and Cleaning

Choose the appropriate size cap for the jars you will be using. New lids with a sealing compound must be used for each canning -- used lids must never be re-used. Wash two-piece caps in hot, soapy water. Rinse in hot water. Do not use any abrasive materials or cleansers that might scratch or damage the coatings on the lids and bands. Dry bands and set aside. Lids must be heated. Rusted bands should be replaced.


Home canning lids with a sealing compound must be heated for 10 minuets before using to help lids achieve a vacuum seal. Place lids in water to cover and bring water to a simmer (180°F), keeping lids in simmering water until ready for use. Remove lids one at a time as they are needed for canning. Lids can be heated in a saucepan on a cooktop, or in a slow cooker that has a temperature control that can maintain 180°F.

Overheating lids by boiling can result in seal failure.

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