Helpful Holiday Cookie Tips

Sweeten up this holiday season with cookies of all shapes and sizes. At From Karen's Kitchen you will find hundreds of recipes for cookies, bars, and brownies that add a festive atmosphere and exciting flavors to your home. You can enjoy baking and eating cookies even more this year with these tips for a sweet and successful cookie-filled holidays.

Don't overbake cookies
Set a timer and check on cookies to make sure they are not burning or browning quickly. Overbaked, dry cookies often lose flavor and texture.

Make sure cookies are the same size when placed on the baking sheets.
If different sized cookies are baked on the same baking sheet, smaller cookies will burn while larger cookies remain uncooked.

Shiny, heavy-gauge aluminum baking sheets promote even browning of cookies.
Dark pans absorb more heat and can cause cookies to brown too quickly. To use dark sheets, reduce oven temperature by 25°F. Nonstick baking sheets minimize breakage and make cleanup easier.

Not enough time or energy to bake multiple types of cookies?
Invite friends over for a cookie exchange party. Tell each guest to make one type of cookie and to bring a dozen cookies and a copy of the recipe for each person whole will attend. Provide plastic bags or festive containers for guests to store their new assortment of cookies.

Holiday gift cookie party
For another angle on a holiday cookie party, provide wrapping paper, boxes, with tags, and ribbons for guest to make presents out of the various types of cookies. These gifts of assorted homemade cookies are great for coworkers, teachers, and neighbors.

Use cookies as place markers for dinner parties.
Use a cookie with a wide surface and use icing or melted chocolate to write the names of a guest on each cookie.

Make cookies into creative, edible ornaments.
Immediately after removing cookies from the oven, press the end of a plastic drinking straw through the top of the cookie to make a hole. Remove cookies from baking sheets and cool completely. Decorate as desired. When decorations are dry and set, thread a 5-inch length of ribbon, string, or yarn through the hole and tie the ends together. Hang out of the reach of pets or cookie monsters.

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