How to Select Lamb

When purchasing lamb alway select a cut that is the most fresh. Check the date stamped on the packaging. Look at the color of the meat and choose one that is pinkish red and has a velvety texture. Dark red meat usually indicates the meat is older and will not be as tender.

Look for other markings on the label that will give you more information about the grade of lamb. USDA Prime will have the highest in tenderness and flavor. USDA Choice is still high quality meat, but slightly less tender. While Prime has somewhat of a higher fat content, all grades of lamb have similar protein, vitamins and nutrients.

Depending on the lamb dish you are making, it is good to select the correct cut for the dish you are preparing. For roasting, the rib, loin, breast, and shoulder are recommended. Legs are good for leg of lamb, or can be cut into cubes for use in lamb kabob dishes.

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