Making Sugar Molds

It's easy to shape sparkling cake trims, ornaments, party favors and panoramic eggs with molds, including sugar molds, candy molds, shaped cookie pans, or muffin pans. Add color before molding shape, paint with thinned royal or color flow icing after molding. Add royal icing trims and dazzle with edible glitter.


Regular Sugar Mold Recipe
Extra-Strength Sugar Mold Recipe
Fine Detail Sugar Mold Recipe

Tinting the sugar

You can use food coloring or icing paste colors to color the sugar. When using liquid food color, substitute the food coloring for water or egg white. When using paste coloring, add a toothpick at a time to achieve the desired color. Use a spoon to evenly distribute coloring in sugar. Knead if necessary. Keep the sugar covered after coloring to prevent the sugar from drying.

Making the molds

Pack sugar mixture into mold as firmly as possible. To make a multi-colored mold start with features and press the desired tinted sugars into mold. When making more than 4 of the same mold, dust mold with cornstarch to prevent sticking. Scrape off excess mixture with spatula so top is level with top edge of mold. Unmold at once. Place cardboard over mold top, turn upside down, lift mold off sugar shape. Let dry 5 hours or place in a 200°F oven for 5 to 10 minutes. Decorate with thinned royal icing, drop flowers or other colorful trims.

Making a panoramic mold

Dust half of mold with cornstarch to prevent sticking. Pack sugar mixture into mold, pressing firmly with the heel of your hand. Scrape a metal spatula at a 45° angle over mold to remove excess sugar. Unmold at once by placing cardboard circle over pan and turn upside down. To loosen, tap top of mold with spatula and carefully lift mold off. Allow to dry 3 to 4 hours. When dry turn sugar mold over and carefully hold in palm of hand. Do not squeeze or move molded sugar while holding or it will crack. Use a spoon to mark 1/4" thick shell on the inside rim.

Gently scoop out remaining soft sugar. Smooth inside and edge with your fingers. Place molded sugargar round side down on cardboard circle to finish drying for about 24 hours or place on cookie sheet in a 200°F oven for 20 minutes. Allow to cool to room temperature before touching.

Using a pattern, cut 2 layers of plastic wrap. On one sugar mold, place platic wrap with the pattern on top (to hold plastic in place). This will prevent the sugar on the window area from drying. Let mold dry for approx 2 hours.

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