Sweeteners Used in Canning

Fruits may be canned with or without a sweetener. Most often a syrup, sweetened with sugar or a combination of sugar and honey or corn syrup, is used. Sugar helps fruit retain a bright color and firm texture. The amount of sugar used can be adjusted to meet dietary needs and personal preference. Corn syrup or honey may also be used as a substitute for a portion of the sugar. To make syrup, measure sugar and liquid into a saucepot. Cook until syrup is hot throughout. Keep syrup hot until needed, but do not let it boil down. Usually 1 to 1 1/2 cups of syrup is needed for each quart jar of fruit.

Any type of bottled or fresh fruit juice, sweetened or unsweetened, may be used instead of sugar syrup. Water without sweetener may also be used. If unsweetened juice or water is used, the hot pack method must be followed.

These general guidelines for reducing sugar apply only to syrups used for canning fruits and not specific recipes.

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