Tailgating Must Haves & Tips

Tailgating and sporting events go hand-in-hand. After days of preparation for this special event you don't want it spoiled by forgetting some essentials. Following is a list of must haves for an enjoyable party.

Jumper cables.: After having a great day at the game, you won't want to hang around for a jump.

A tent.: You never know when it will rain!

Rain gear.: If it rains you will be cooking while everyone else is stuck in their vehicle.

Extra ice.: You won't want to run out! Just bring an extra ice chest full of ice.

Two gallons of water.: One for quick and easy clean up and the other to extinguish the grill.

Chairs and folding tables.: For comfy seating and a spot to arrange food, slow cookers, flatware, plates and napkins.

A tablecloth.: Bring a plastic table cloth to place your wares on for easy cleanup.

Napkins, disposable sturdy cups and utensils.: Bring along plenty of napkins, wet wipes, or better yet, a roll of paper towels, disposable utensils and disposable cups for any type of drink.

A bottle open or corkscrew.: No sense having beverages you can't open.

Comfortable shoes.: For visiting with friends and neighbors.

Plastic trash bag for clean up.: Tailgaters always leave their spot as clean as when they arrive.

First aid kit.: When having so much fun, someone always gets hurt!

Sun block.: If the food burns at least you won't.

Antacid.: With all of the great food, you will want to still be able to enjoy the game.

A friend.: Bring a friend to their first tailgate party.

A camera.: To capture all the game-day fun!

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