Tip for Suspension of Particles in Jelly

Many savory jelly recipes create translucent jellies with colorful particles of food suspended throughout the jelly. To enhance the suspension of these food particles, it may be neccessary to gently manipulate the jar after processing. This procedure can be used only with jellies prepared in 4 or 8-ounce jars that have been processed for 10 minutes in a water bath (boiling water) canner.

To enhance the food particle suspension, cool the processed jars upright for 15 to 30 minutes or just until the lids pop down but the jelly is not fully set. As soon as the lids are concave, carefully and gently twist and/or tilt -- do not shake and do not invert -- individual jars to distribute the food particles throughout the jelly. The sealed jar must not be inverted, as this might prevent the formation of the vacuum seal. Repeat as needed during the cooling and setting time until the food particles are nicely suspended in the jelly.

Some recipes recommend stirring the jelly for several minutes to suspend the food particles within the jelly before pouring it into jars. This process is not recommended, as it interferes with the natural gelling process and can, in fact, "break the gel," which, in turn, may result in gel failure of the competed product.

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