Types of Apples

The apple is a scrumptious fruit that is very versatile. It not only makes a healthy afternoon snack but is delicious in pies, salads, sauces, desserts, spreads and cider. With so many varieties available, selecting the right apple can be a little tricky. Here are some popular varieties, to let you know which ones are best for cooking, baking and snacking.

Baldwin Apple

A crisp, sweet, juicy apple with a sharp, tart taste. It has a thick red skin streaked with yellow with a firm flesh. This apple is good for cider and pies and holds it shape during cooking. It is available from October to April.

Cameo Apple

A crisp, firm tart, sweet apple with an aromatic flavor. It's skin is bright red striped with a creamy orange color. This super-sweet, super-crunchy apple is best for snacking and excellent for salads, pies, sauce and baking. It is good in apple crumbles and apple crisps. It is available October to August.

Cortland Apple

A crisp, juicy apple with a hint of tartness. It has a smooth, shinny red skin and a flesh that does not turn brown quickly. This apple is good for snacking, salads, sauces, pies, cooking, baking and freezing. It is available from September to April.


A small, rosy red, hard tart apple. It is too sour for hand-eating but makes great jellies, jams and good with pork and poultry, It is available during the fall months.

Criterion Apple

A mild, sweet apple that is slightly tart with a very pleasant aroma. The skin is bright red skin with green highlights. This apple is excellent for snacking, pies, sauces and in salads. It is available in October.

Fuji Apple

A big, crisp, juicy, delightfully sweet apple. It has a yellow and green mixed colored skin. Good for snacking, salads, pies, sauces and freezing. It is available November to June. Refrigerated storage time: 150 days.

Gala Apple

A firm, crisp, sweet and juicy apple with a mild flavor. It has a thin skin that is a brilliant rosy red. This apple is great for snacking, applesauce, pies and in salads. It is available September through June.

Golden Delicious Apple

A semi-firm, juicy, thin skinned apple with a rich sweet flavor. This all-purpose apple is great for snacking, baking, cooking, applesauce and pies. Its sweet flavor and firm texture hold up well in the oven. It is available September through June. Refrigerated storage time: 150 days.

Granny Smith Apple

A crisp, juicy, freckled green skin apple which is mildly tart and sour. They are best for snacking raw; excellent for pies and applesauce and good for salads since they do not brown as quickly as other varieties. Available year-round. Refrigerated storage time: 240 days.

Gravenstein Apple

A crisp, juicy, sweet-tart acidic apple with a green skin streaked with red. This apple is good for snacking, baking and cider. It is available from August to late September.

Jonathan Apple

A dark bright red, juicy, mildly tart apple with a rich flavor. This apple is excellent for snacking, cooking and baking. Available September to August. Refrigerated storage time: 120 days.

McIntosh Apple

A crisp, tart, juicy apple with a soft texture and spicy fragrance. It is a red apple with tones of green. This apple is excellent for snacking, apple pies, applesauce, cider and sauces. Available September to June.

Pink Lady Apple

A crisp, sweet apple with an unique flavor. It has a red and green colored skin with a pinkish flesh. It is good for snacking, pies and in salads. This apple is available from December to June.

Red Delicious Apple

An all-American crisp, mildly sweet and juicy apple that is a great fruit snack and good for applesauce. This apple is large, deep red, tall, and elongated with five distinctive knobs at its base. Its dark red color makes this apple an attractive addition to salads. Red Delicious apples are not recommended for baking, since most of their flavor is lost during cooking. These apples are available year-round. Fresh apples are available from September through December. Refrigerated storage time: 160 days.

Red Rome Apple (Rome Beauty)

A slightly tart, crisp, round, plump apple with a red thick skin that has a greenish cast. This apple is for baking and apple cider. This apple is neither good for eating or applesauce. This apple is available October to August. Refrigerated storage time: 220 days.

Winesap Apple

A tart, tangy, juicy and extra firm apple with a distinctive flavor and aroma of wine. They are colored a deep, dark red which makes them ideal for using in wreaths, fruit bowls, and cheese platters. This apple is often used as cider apples as well as in cooking and sauces. Available November to July. Refrigerated storage time: 220 days.

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