Using Fruits and Vegetables in Bread

Care needs to be used when using fruits and vegetables when making bread. Here is some precautions and suggestions for using them.

Dried fruits

Chop them before adding to your bread machine dough. Since the kneading paddle can pulverize chopped dried fruit, add the fruit to the dough near the end of the kneading cycle, so the pieces will be lightly but efficiently distributed through-out the dough. Adding dried fruit too late in the cycle will result in a layer of dried fruit at the bottom of the loaf.

Fresh fruit

Do not substitutive fresh fruit for dried because it contains water, which can cause a heavy loaf or gum layers. Follow the recipe exactly when fresh fruit is called for.

Pureed fruits and vegetables

Used in many recipes; you'll find that pureed fruits and vegetables in the jar (found in the baby food section of your market) are wonderful conveniences products. Or you can try canned, or frozen, thawed vegetables, well drained and pureed in your food processor or blender.

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a nice addition to many breads. You can use any type of potato, including sweet potato, when mashed potatoes are listed. Remember that if the mashed potatoes are freshly made, or have been refrigerated, you need to bring them up or down to the proper (80°F to 90°F/27°C to 32°C) temperature.

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